We would like to introduce The Byzantine Estate, located on the outskirts of Athens, in the Spata area.

The 55 acre Estate belongs to Mr. George Nasioutzik who originally comes from Serres, a Northern city of Greece, rich with history and culture. He acquired the Estate in the early 1970 s, upon returning to Greece after living in various countries all over the world. Through his travels he enhanced his appreciation of Greek culture and began the transformation of his Estate adhering to the traditional architecture and aesthetics, which characterize both Northern Greece and Byzantine era. Stones, collected from old traditional homes destroyed by earthquakes; wood, from tobacco factories and old railroad tracks; hand crafted wooden doors and floor tiles from the ancient monasteries of Mound Athos, where all bought together to build his home.

With great imagination he placed all his beloved collections throughout his home to admire, and be admired by all. Some of the most noteworthy items of his personal collections are his Orthodox Christian icons and religious artifacts dating as far back as the 14th century. Throughout the years additional wings were built onto the mansion and today a museum stands within the home, which displays some of the most remarkable items reflective of Byzantine history and Orthodox Christian art.

In addition, Mr. George Nasioutzik’s personal art and artifacts collection consists of 18th century Tsana Kale pottery, antic kilim carpets from all over the world, traditional handmade wooden chests, old books-some of which belonged to Prime Minister Theotoki, and various folkloric art pieces. These collections are of the largest and most impressive private collection of their kind.

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With time Mr. George Nasioutzik’s family, friend, as well as multinational cooperation representatives began to request the usage of the Estate for both social and corporate events. Its unique atmosphere overwhelms all who visit. Thus, beginning in the early 1990’s he decided to rent the estate to the elite public for the realization of grand scale events upon request.

Day by day Mr. George Nasioutzik further develops The Byzantine Estate to fully accommodate and perfectly cater to the client’s demands.

Today the Estate consists of numerous fully equipped, character filled, interiors halls; as well as an exquisite exterior garden facility which hosts a lovely swimming pool , large verandas always surround by beautiful seasonal flowers and cobble stone terraces. The second addition to Estate was the Nasioutzik Museum “Meteora”. It has been constructed to resemble a monastery- castle and is located at the top of the hill therefore has a phenomenal view of the entire Mesogaia region. The most recent addition is the Mesogaia Venue which can host up to 3.500 pax.

Within the Estate there are three Orthodox Church dedicated to Saint Constantine, Saint George and Saint Seraphim, a heliport and a large parking facilities.

Throughout the years, The Byzantine Estate has hosted some of the most renowned social, cultural, corporate and political events.

Socialite Wedding, Exclusive art exhibits, music concerts, car shows, haut-couture fashion shows and global company conferences are examples of the variety of events that take place at the Estate.

In 2004 The Byzantine Estate had the honor of hosting the two-day forum for the European Peoples Party in which numerous Prime Ministers of Europe participated. Prime Minister S. Berlusconi,, prime Minister J.M Aznar and Greece ‘ w Prime Minister K. Karamanlis where some of the honored guests.

In addition, The Byzantine Estate hosted the gourmet lunch for all the European minister of Economy and a gala for all Olympic Committee participants where over two hundred countries where represented.